Our craft = Our calling

Constant development is what keeps us relevant. Daily interactions with living souls that trust our judgement is commitment like no other. It is OUR obligation to perform at the highest standard & keep growing.

SINCE 2010

GET FITTER project came to life as an endeavour to motivate general population to engage in physical activity on a regular basis. Our daily craft of personal coaches is therefore a mere part of the full picture.

TODAY, together with our clients - we are a growing community of active professionals & FRIENDS. JOIN US!

ACTIVE LIFESTYLE will get you there

Upon first contact our clients usually desire a rather simple wish - to slim down before the Summer season comes & it is April already. And what then? After the Summer passess?

Live with US your active lifestyle where (among other benefits) you’ll get educated in nutrition so you can then make wiser choices in this area & along with regular physical activity - YOU WILL achieve the athletic body you have dreamt of. It takes time. It takes patience.

CONSISTENCE is the key.

Jozef “JOJO” Kmetko

I aspire to reach clients full satisfaction. To witness their transformation - from passive to active is what fullfills my being.

Eduard “ED” Mihalik

Ed is friendly as well as inspirative type of person. His sessions are fun but also hard. Constantly ready & focused to get you where you’re supposed to be in terms of fitness.


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